Jeffery Dahmer

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Jeffery Dahmer

The serial killer that I chose to profile is Jeffery Dahmer. Dahmer brings both
horrifying, yet amazing qualities to the table in the

respect that he terrorized people, not only those that were his victims, but also people
that lived both near and those around the


Section I: Overview

- Jeffery Dahmer

- Born on May 21, 1960, at Evangelical Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

- Jeffery Dahmer was found beaten by fellow inmates on the morning of November 28, 1994, as was pronounced dead at
9:11 a.m.

- Was given life imprisonment on 15 counts of murder committed in Wisconsin and one committed in Ohio, for which he was
tried separately. He was sentenced to fifteen consecutive life terms for a total of 957 years in prison.

- Jeffery Dahmer was always seen as very shy and isolated at an early age. Dahmer had
fantasies about killing men and having

sex with the corpses. Despite the early tendencies of his childhood, Dahmer didn't act on
any of these sexual fantasies until

after he had graduated from highschool in June of 1978. Dahmer picked up a hitchhiker by the name of Steven Hicks, and
eventually Hicks would be the first victim of Dahmer. Dahmer then enrolled at Ohio State
University, only to flunk out within

one semester. Next, Dahmer joined the army at the end of 1978, but was discharged for
alcoholism and went to live in Florida

before returning to Ohio. Dahmer was then arrested in October of 1981 for drunken and
disorderly conduct, so his father sent

him to live with his grandmother in West Allis, Wisconsin. Dahmer had a couple of sexual
legal incidents, then kept cool for

about four years. In 1987, Dahmer killed his second victim, Steven Toumi, and would go on a ravenous murder spree after

- Victims were mainly homosexual men, mostly African-American

- Dahmer was active from June 1978 to July 22, 1991

Section II: Childhood

Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960, to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. Dahmer was wanted and loved despite Joyce's problems
in pregnancy. Dahmer was a normal, healthy child that showed no signs of mental problems. When Dahmer was four, Lionel
was sweeping under the house for small animals that had been killed by civets. As Lionel gathered the bones Dahmer was
fascinated with the bones of the dead animals. When Dahmer was six, he suffered from a
double hernia and needed surgery to

correct the problem. After the surgery, Dahmer seemed to be emotionally scarred by it. It
seemed as if he had been exposed

by this surgery and couldn't recover from it. By the time that Dahmer was in first grade,
Lionel started to notice a change in the

personality of the young boy. Dahmer had become very shy and showed a general lack of self-confidence. Jeff had become
distant, whereas he use to be a very outgoing and friendly boy. By the age of fifteen,
Jeff would ride around with plastic bags

and collect the remains of animals for his own personal cemetery. He would strip the flesh
from the bodies of dead animals that

he had found. There is argument that he loved to torture animals, but that is unlikely
because of the love of his own pets. The

stripping of the dead animal's flesh, but not any sort of harming his own animals showed Dahmer's fascination with dead
creatures. Dahmer became more introverted and isolated himself from the outside world. He
was overcome with fantasies that

would result in the emphasis of dead people and creatures as his main sexual desire.

Dahmer's parents always had trouble in their marriage, stemming mainly from Dahmer's
mother's various physical ailments and

her ability to be high strung, which were likely to come from a background in which her
father's alcoholism affected her greatly.

Finally, these troubles in the marriage ended with divorce when Dahmer was eighteen.

Section III: The Crimes and the Victims

In my opinion, Dahmer was a disorganized killer because he was guilty of having most of
the distinguishing qualities of that

particular killer, rather than that of an organized serial killer. Dahmer was below
average intelligence, low or average birth

status, socially immature, and he seldom dated. The victims were usually chosen because of
their sexuality. Dahmer would hang

out in gay bars and just pick up on the homosexuals that would inhabit them. It seems that Dahmer was particular to the
African-American race, but that did not hold true for all the cases. At the crime scene,
there were parts of bodies that were

dismembered. Dahmer would lead the victims back to his house, drug them, sexually assault
the victims, and then dismember

them. Dahmer would use acid to take away the skin from the skulls of the victims and then
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