Jen Lopez Essay

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Jen Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was born in the Bronx, New York on July 24, 1970. She was born in the
United States to Puerto Rican Parents, Jennifer considers herself to be a Puerto Rican and
she is very proud of her Hispanic heritage and culture. Her father is David Lopez, a
computer specialist, and her mother Guadalupe Lopez, a Kindergarten teacher. Her parents
recognized Jennifer's talent and enthusiasm for performing and at the age of five the
enrolled her in dance classes. Her mother said "Jennifer always loved to sing, but she was
also a great actress and knew that she would have a bright future ahead of her." With the
support of her parents Jennifer grew up to be a very sensible girl, who is still very
close to her family. When Jennifer earned her million-dollar paycheck for playing the role
in the movie Selena, she bought her mom a Cadillac. Even though they saw Jennifer's talent
at the age of five, their relationship was not always understandable. Jennifer made a
major decision and that was not to go to College. That decision was very disappointing to
her parents who wanted her to go to law school. Her parents supported her pursuit of a
career in show business, they did not wanted to be in the expense of her education. When
Jennifer told her parents that she was not going to College and law school, they thought
it was really stupid to go off and try to be a movie star. Her parents who at that time
could not understand the choices she made are very happy for their daughter and what she
has accomplish. When she left her home at the middle of a fight and never went back. She
said," I had to make my own way" and then lived in a Manhattan dance studio where she was
training. Then she got an apartment with some friends in Manhattan Hell's Kitchen. Since
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