Jesus as a person Essay

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jesus as a person

In the book Fascinating Bible Facts by David M. Howard Jr., Ph.D. and Gary M. Burge, Ph.D.
Jesus is described and seen by the authors in many ways. However I find the most
prominent to be Jesus as a Human or a Brother.

The authors attempt to show Jesus as a Human or a Brother for many reasons. The first is
that they are targeting a specific audience, the young people. Most young people want to
think of Jesus as a Human or a Brother because for them it makes it easier to believe and
feel what he went through. If they think of Jesus as a Liberator, King or Ruler it may
turn them off to the idea because they want Jesus to be their equal, not their boss. Also
the authors try to show the true humanity of Jesus so that all who read their book may
share their opinion that Jesus was a human, that he lived his life like a person and that
he was our Brother and that he endured suffering on the cross to die for our sins.

To me it should not matter the way we see Jesus as Teacher, Liberator, Human or Judge.
What should matter is that he died for mankind’s sins because we couldn’t take
care of the way we lived by ourselves. We should all live at least half of the life that
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