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Journal #13

As the communities started forming in America, American society became a strong influence
on the Jewish culture. Congregations started to become americanized, thus assimilation has
prevailed as usual. The American culture always had affected the different types of
cultures and minorities that have culivated here. At first in America certain dietary
needs and religious practices were not recognized by the governemnt. Yet the Jews
remanined strong as the community was beginning to establish it's roots, such as the
creation of Jewish schools. It was important for the Jewish people to have somewhere in
thier new place to feel comfortable, which was the synagogue. The Jeiwsh people were
limited onpower when they first immigrated to Americ, but this aspect did not deter then
from establishing a community. But it is impressive how strong a how a very small
community was and is in America. Another spect of the Jewidsh community that is impressive
and it has been this way since the immigrants moved here is how strong the Jewish people
feel about thier religion and how it has been and still is a very importnant aspect of
thier lives. It seems as though the Jewish Americans may feel so disconnected from a large
Jewish population , as compared to the nations' population is the reason that it is such a
big deal for so many Jews to marry within thier religion and raise thier kids Jewish.

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