JFK assassination Term Paper

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JFK assassination

"In a few days people will forget and there will be a new President." Lee Harvey Oswald

It was a hot day in Dallas, Texas. President Kennedy sat in the rear seat on the right
side of the car. His wife, Jacqueline, sat on his left. Texas Governor John B. Connally
sat in a "jump" seat in front of the president, and Mrs. Connally sat to her husband's
left. They were in a motorcade when an unimaginable sound was heard. It was 12:30 p.m.,
the cars approached an expressway for the last leg of the trip. Suddenly, three shots rang
out and the president slumped down, hit in the neck and head. Connally received a bullet
in the back. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot. Mrs. Kennedy didn't know what to do, "I was
looking to the left and I heard these terrible noises…and my husband never made a
sound…I could see a piece of his skull…and then I remember falling on him saying,
‘Oh, no, no, no,'…it just seemed an eternity." The limousine raced to nearby Parkland
Hospital. Doctors worked desperately to save the president, but he died at 1:00 p.m.
without regaining consciousness. Doctors said that Kennedy had no chance to survive when
brought into the hospital. Governor Connally, although seriously wounded, later recovered.

President Kennedy, A.K.A. JFK, was in Texas to gain support for his re-election. Kennedy
came to Texas accompanied by his wife and Vice President and Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson. The
purpose of his trip was to heal a split in the Texas Democratic Party before the 1964
presidential campaign in which Kennedy planned to run for a second term. Dallas had a
reputation as a center for people who strongly opposed Kennedy.

The assumed assassin was a 24-year-old ex-U.S.Marine, who from the beginning had emotional
problems and difficulties. His father died had before he was born and his mother was not
much support. He was discharged from the Marines in September 1959 and went to the Soviet
Union a month later. He tried to become a Soviet citizen but was turned down. He also had
been active in the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, a group that supported Cuba's Communist
dictator Fidel Castro. He returned to the U.S. with his wife Marina, and baby daughter. No
one saw Oswald shoot the President. The high-powered Italian rifle said to have killed the
President was traced to Oswald through a Chicago mail-order firm. Oswald worked in the
Texas School Book Depository, the building where the shots were fired. A worker recalled
seeing Oswald carry a long narrow package into the building the morning of the
assassination. Police captured Oswald, who was armed with a revolver. He was arrested in a
Dallas motion picture theater about 90 minutes after the assassination. About 1:15 p.m.,
Oswald was said to have shot and killed a Dallas policeman, J. D. Tippit, while resisting
arrest. Oswald was charged with killing Police Officer Tippit. Oswald denied killing
either Tippit or the President.

The police questioned Oswald for two days, but he denied both murders. Dallas police
claimed that the evidence against Oswald was overwhelming. The murder weapon, an Italian
rifle with a telescopic sight, was found hidden in the School Book Depository. The rifle
had been purchased by Oswald from a mail-order firm for $12.78. Oswald's prints were found
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