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jimi hendrix

Riffs and Rhymes are only part of the amazing life of Johnny Allen Hendrix (AKA, James
Marshall Hendrix.). I have found the key aspects in his life to make a complete connection
of how his outside life affected his music and lyrics. The master guitarist lived a life
of drugs as well as music. Did the LSD have a part in his musical harmonies and riffs? My
research shows that ever little aspect of his life, including early childhood, drug use,
and society had a great impact on his exquisite taste and guitar play. All of these
aspects have made for one of the greatest rock and rollers ever that you will now read

Jimmy Hendrix was born November 27, 1942, Seattle, Washington. His father then changed his
name to, James Marshall Hendrix. He grew up basically with just his mother; his dad was in
the army. He was a self-taught guitarist and an amazing fact is that he was left-handed
playing on a right-handed guitar. Jimmi was in the army, but in 1962 was discharged
because of a broken ankle. After that is when his true career got flowing. He started
backing up early groups such as the Impressions and the Valentinos. His bigger success was
with the Isley brothers, Little Richard, and King Curtis.

His solo music career took off in England, September of 1966. His group was the Jimmi
Hendrix Experience, and they played at many local clubs in England. He then proceeded to
write the song, "Purple Haze." This song was well know because of the extremely difficult
riffs and lyrics such as, " Scuse me while I kiss the sky." This is just one example of a
lyric that could have to do with drug use. I drug user would see this as a hallucination
and an awesome experience to try. This lyric could connect to a personal experience of
Hendrix's. To amplify the affect of his stage presence, at the end of his concerts he
would light his fender Stratocaster and his Marshall amplifier both on fire.

Jimmi Hendrix returned to America in June 1967, where he played at the Monterey Pop
Festival. His career in the U.S. did not take off right away. He was called an "Uncle Tom"
because of the dramatic and vulgar way he sometimes played the guitar. After a while
people let it go and just relied on the amazing sound and effect of the Jimmi Hendrix

Jimmi Hendrix's drug use was now coming into play. He started to become a heavy LSD and
Heroin user which made him able to play longer and harder while "tripping out" to his own
enjoyment. Also, it was not just an LSD problem; he was arrested in Toronto for possession
of Heroin. He was also arrested for smashing up his hotel room in Sweden, probably because
he was high. This and other actions were starting to cloud over his career.

September 18, 1970, Jimmi Hendrix was pronounced dead at the age of 27. He dies of a drug
overdose caused by sleeping pills. He went to bed and never woke up. The pills were from
his girlfriend Monica Dannemann.

Jimmi Hendrix's early childhood was a lonesome one, leaving him to entertain him self.
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