Job Description Analysis Essay

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Job Description Analysis

Group Project
Job Description Analysis

July 18, 2005


With the changing responsibilities of today's human resource Personnel, one of the main
functions that need to readdress is the accuracy of the documentation pertaining to Job
Descriptions, Performance Standards, and performance Evaluations or appraisals. In many
organizations these documents are either outdated or non-existent. With the adoption of
recent regulatory provisions, compliance to these regulations ahs becomes a major concern
to HR departments everywhere. The availability and accuracy of these documents ahs become
more critical to most organizations and their legal departments.

Our group decided to analyze he aptness of these documents for one of our group member's
organizations as it pertain to his job responsibilities. The documentation pertaining the
Project Analyst position within this company was found to be outdated, cumbersome and
incomplete with relation to the modern HR requirements. Much of the original documentation
requirements were never used, did not exist, or did not pertain to this specific job.

The following pages will document our objectives and solutions to these issues.

Job Description

A job description is simply a lis of responsibilities and functions that are required in a
particular position. The original job description for te analyst positions was lenghthy
but incomplete. As we discussed the form, we discovered it was possible to shorten the
document and include pertinent information as it concerns the job

The beginning section gives the job applicant basic information, such as Job title,
department name and number, whom the position reports to etc. What was not included
initiall was the actual job location and salary range. Although an interview may take
place a the headquarters, the job inself may be ina remote office location. The salary
range is important because it gives he candidate an idea of how they will be compensated.
If it does not meet the needs of the job applicant, they can decide whether or not to
pursue other opportunities. Additional changes made to the job description are outlined

Major Function
This section should summarize the overall objuective of the job to the reader.Use of
action verbs like process analyze and provide. He current statement accurately gives the
reader a broad overview of the job.

Specific Duties
This section should list principal duties of the job function. According to the
SBA the list should contain each and every essentioal job duty or responsibility that is
critical to the successful performance of the job. Additionally it should begin with the
most important functional and relational responsibilities and continue down in order of
significance (SBA, 2001). Upon review of the current job description, it ws necessary to
rearrange and insert information to comply with the above requirements. Furthermore, we
added the percentages of time spent for each duty. If the applicant were not aware that
the duties were listed in order of importance, they would a least have and idea of the
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