Job Interviews Essay

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Job Interviews

Wat is th company vision?
how would you describe the culture in the business?
wat attracted you to the company and how long have u been there?
how long do people stay in their roles?
wat develeopment opportunities are in the role?
1 I have read the job description, can you expand on the job I will be doing?
2 What type of training is provided?
3 How do you see me in the role?
4 Do you have performance targets?
5 How will I know that I am doing well?
6 What are team members achieving?

Ask questions that are focused on embodying your enthusiasm, as well as your willingness and ability:
1 What is the team working on at the moment?
2 Can I meet the team?
3 Can I look around?
4 What are your strategies for growth?
5 How soon do you want an employee in place?
6 If there was one major achievement that you would like to see happen within the role
from the outset, what would it be?

7 Can you describe what made the last person successful in this role?
8 What are the immediate improvements or priorities that need to be applied to this role?
9 What changes would you like to see in the way the job is performed?
10 To ensure I would be able to hit the ground running would you be able to supply any
procedures, literature or other supporting information in preparation for my first day in
the role?

"Why do you want to work for us?"
Explain why you see the company as an attractive employer. Financial package should never
be given as a reason, but think about things like the company culture, training program,
company structure, the ability to cross-train into different technologies, or the
company's ethic. Obviously these need to be relevant and well-researched.

"Where do you see yourself in five years' time?"
Think about where you really want to be within a company: in a lead role with a team under
you; or a lead consultant; or a director of the company. Be ambitious but realistic and
have direction in your answers.

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