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john c breckinridge

John Cabell Breckinridge

One day I was walking around the grounds at the capitol building in Frankfort. There
sitting alone in the First Lady's rose garden on a bench was a solemn looking fellow. He
looked very distressed and confused. So, I inquired if he was feeling well or needed
something. He replied that he had just discovered everyone he had ever loved was gone and
for some odd reason he was all that was left. I wasn't sure what he meant by that so I sat
down beside him. He was dressed quit dapper in a dark suit with an upturned collar and
some sort of fanciful scarf wrapped around his neck very tightly like a tie. I also
noticed his shoes appeared to fit either foot and he had a bright gold watch chain. I
thought all this was very odd, and assumed he may have been a reenacter at the capitol
building. I began to inquire about his behavior the following is the account of this
bizarre conversation.

I started by introducing myself, he said his name was Gen. John Breckinridge and he was in
search of Gov. Leslie. I thought this was odd because Leslie was governor in the late
1800"s (1871-75). At first I told him Paul Patton was the governor this seemed to confuse
him greatly. He asked me where I procured my clothing, I told him in Carrollton. He then
asked if I knew Gen. Butler. I replied that I had only known his name and who he was and
that I had never met him. As he began to tell me about Butler, his own life and some of
the places he had been, I could do nothing but sit and listen in awe.

He told me that he was born Jan., 21st 1821 and during his younger years he had studied
law at several colleges. These included Transylvania University were he earned his
Associates in Arts degree, then continued studying law at Centre College and graduated
from Princeton University in 1839. He had gone to Iowa to practice law with a partner
Thomas Bullock who was also from the Lexington area. I asked why he went so far to
practice, his answer was that this was about as far west you could go and still be
"civilized". Also he speculated in land and owned several plots in this northwestern
state. In 1843 he had return to Kentucky for a rest and to visit with family and old
friends. The unforeseen happened that he met and fell in love with Mary Cyrene Burch. They
were married in December of 1844. After that he opened a practice in Lexington which did
very well. That is until the Mexican War came about in 1847.

The Mexican War is when Gen. Butler comes into this story. John had went to Carrollton to
seek a commission in the Army in Butler‘s staff. Gen Butler stated that to be a member
of a general's staff he had to be taken from "officers of the line" and that since no one
in his family had been an officer he couldn't help there. On the other hand he could offer
him a place as an unsalaried volunteers aide and to advise against his accepting it. Of
course he took it and was sent to Mexico City to aide in its capture. By the time he got
there with a regiment the conflict was over. He spend several months there and then
returned home as Major Breckinridge.

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