John Logie Baird and the Television Essay

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John Logie Baird and the Television

John Logie Baird and His Miraculous Television Advancement

Born and raised in Scotland, John Logie Baird received a science degree and took an
engineering job. At twenty-six years old Baird decided he didn't like his job, so he quit
and decided to become an inventor. He spent nearly ten years producing failed inventions
then he put full thought into television development. By the end of 1923 John Logie Baird,
through sheer determination, had finally managed to build what were effectively the
world's first complete television transmitter and receiver. The first image that was
transmitted was a plain cardboard cross, the camera and transmitter being just a few feet
away on the other side of the room. Public interest grew greatly in January 1924 when
Baird's success was reported on by the Daily News. But because Baird had electrocuted
himself twice and caused a small explosion during this process, Mr. Twigg, the landlord,
evicted John Baird at this time.

John Baird moved to London in August of 1924 and then in April of 1925 he showed his
Televisor at Selfridge's Department store. Viewers gathered in a small dark room, to
strain their eyes and see a flickering, but nonetheless miraculous image of a doll on a
screen of about four by two inches. Though not much more than the shadow of the doll, the
image represented a significant achievement. This was the first time a picture had been
created from reflected light. "The image of the doll's head formed itself on the screen
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