Johnny Five Essay

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Johnny Five

The tell 1964 AD: Archeologists that are getting workers to do some digging for Jewish
treasures like the monorah in the 'fertile crescent' = Israel. They are in opposition on
the ways of the jews, CULLINANE(Irishman) is introduced as main archeologist, in favor of
equality, ELIAV thinks women aren't equal and they like it that way. The big find is the
CANDLESTICK OF DEATH, nations fight over who gets it, tourist attraction. They integrate
the different stories with this quote: "The Hoopoe bird ought to be the world symbol for
archaelogists. Us archaelogists also go furiously about, poking our noses into the earth".
Also talks about the flints that are found on the dig site that are relating to those of
the UR family. Later on found more stuff that showed how much the Old Testament had
evolved just in 1100 BC. Cullinane thinks that the Jews right to Israel is of
custodianship……..END: Conclude that Makor was burned around 66 AD by Vespasian.
American and Israeli converse about different big topics. ELIAV FINDS A FLINT FROM A HAND

*Makor is most charming of the Roman colonies (architecture) in the Jewish kingdom of Israel.
*Fall of Rome caused by degenerate Emperors: 1Tiberius 2Caligula 3Claudius
*Ongoing thought: if the British had succeeded in their plan for turning Palestine over to
the Arabs, Jews would have hated them forever

*Should it be Israel or Palestine

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