Johnny Tremain 2 Essay

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Johnny Tremain 2

Johnny Tremain a young boy grown up as an apprentice
during the 1700's in Boston was an unfortunate but lucky kid. In the
next several paragraphs, I will describe interesting parts in the book
and also described the Authors factorial & emotional feeling and not
to mention my feelings toward the book.
One of my favorite parts of the book was when Lyte came in
and wanted a silver piece made by Mr. Lampham in which he had
made one before, years ago, Mr. Lamphem wasn't quite sure if he
he still had it, so he was thinking of not doing it, but Johnny was so
brave and sure only as an apprentice, he offered to do it. To me
that really showed how enthustatic and dedicated Johnny was to the
silversmith, when he did ask to do it, Mr. Lampham doubted very
seriously that Johnny could do such a thing, but he still trys and works
on it very hard and time consuming.
Another good part of the story is when Johnny is basically
crippled with one of his hands, and is basically worth nothing, when at one time Johnny
was wanted by a lot of masters because he was very

talented with his hands. It really makes you think if you were to lose a
talent how you would feel about it and act upon it, it made me feel
Another interesting part of the book was when Johnny went to
look for a job. Johnny was so persistent when trying to find another
apprentice job. He didn't really care about what kind of job it was he
just wanted a job, he went from place to place trying as hard as he
could to hid his crippled hand.
When Johnny started his job with the Sons of Liberty as a news
paper route boy it came to be a very interesting section of the book. It
was interesting because, he was giving a code to all of the Sons of
Liberty members saying ' You owe the Boston herald 6 schilling';,
meaning that night there would be a meeting at 6:00 PM that night.
He was becoming part of the Sons of Liberty and it was starting to get
really good, especially when he started trying to find out when the
British attacking , posting at, and grouping at. It was also good when
John Adams has him blow a whistle to send the Sons of Liberty to
come out, with the Boston Massacre.
Now I will talk about the authors factual and emotional writing. I
feel as it is factually because of the Revolutionary War, as they went
through it talking about the Redcoats some very important people
during that time. Also one direct sample is when the Sons of Liberty
get on the ship dressed as Indians and cut open all the tea bags and
dump them all over the ship. Another factual is the Sons of Liberty
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