Johns Interesting Career

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Johns Interesting Career

John's Interesting Career

John Perreault is a musician who lives in Upstate, NY. He started appreciating music at an early age. Banging on pots-and-pans, singing. His grandfather, who was a professional musician, and my supportive parents, drove his interest in music. He was always in chorus. Then when the time came, he took up the bass in fourth grade. He quit the bass playing after three years and didn't do anything musical. He took a few music classes, but played nothing on the side. Then his grandfather passed away in '94. After his funeral, he felt like he had let him down. This event was the turning point in his life.
He took up guitar later that year and wasn't too sure of the future. It's every young musician's dream to be famous to some degree; the only problem is finding your niche. His father, the following Christmas, gave him a mandolin. It sat in his room for several months and collected dust. And in the following years, he picked up a bass, sitar, didgeridoo, and some other instruments.
It wasn't until his War and Civilization class that his career as a musician started. He had to do a Civil War music presentation. With the help of Mike Yates, a family friend, who reenacts Civil War music. Following the presentation, Mike Yates asked him if he was interested in working with his band The NYS 77th Regimental Balladeers. He agreed and it's been a wild time. The group's goal is the reproduction of the music of the era and the history of the Civil War. The group consisted of John Quinn and Mike. They liked the idea of having a multi-instrumentalist on board, especially a mandolinist. He spent two weeks learning the instrument, and now he was hired because of it. Two months went by and they had our first show at Café Lena's, where a young Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthurie, and several other famous musicians had once played. It went well, although he was nervous the whole time. They played to a full house; people were standing along the back wall and by the stairwell. He was starting to wonder why all these people came. They added a violinist a few months later and recorded their first album, "Somebody's Darling". They toured that summer promoting it and ended up playing in Gettysburg, P.A., under contract from the U.S. Park Service. They played in several museums, auditoriums, small venues, and reenactments in New York that summer. Another nice thing was the paychecks.
The following year was even more hectic. He played in Proctor's Theater in Schenectady, NY, which was incredible. The crowd was about 1500 people and they were on the front page of the Times Union. His grandfather had played there before, so it was an emotional experience for him. They cut another album in May and June. This took so much time and energy. He spen

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