Jomammy Essay

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jojometal: see... what I would have done if I was you is put on an away message like...
I'm away avoiding all CS questions... but if you were asleep you'd be like... Hi, I'm
johnny... asleep... but what if you're not... what if you're being molested by a group of
rabid lice carrying midgets...? should I call the police? no... that would only make
matters worse... it might turn into a hostage situation. They might use bananas as guns,
and then when they pulled their bananas out, the police, mistaking the bananas for guns
would shoot (sorta like in "the chase".. you know the movie with charlie sheen and that
chick where uncle BJ comes to town in the car while he's driving.. I know you've seen that
movie, but really, you haven't? I can't believe that.. I saw that movie way back in the
day when I was like in 7th grade. I think that was the movie that made me decide to follow
a career in porn... so one day I called this director and he set me up for an interveiw
with a "talent" agent, though all she did was tell me to get naked... no coughin this time
though... and she told me I was good to go... with this new found pride and security, I
went to work, and lo and behold I was costarring with a large man named edwin... and
that;s how I came to LA tech on the porn scholarship... also known as the traci lords
scholarship... anyways) and in this gunfight you might be caught in the crossfire with the
midgets and get shot... and seeing how you look nothing like them... you could have been
considered the enemy.. because you're bigger and more powerful, therefore the midgets
could plea shortness... a common plea, second to insanity, and a sugar high... anyways,
and then you would go to jail for life, all becaues you didn't put an away message on...

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