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o produce a thought provoking, interesting and educational term paper on one of the topics
that I will describe further in the latter part of this document. If the student wishes to
propose an alternative topic or wishes to make some modification to the given criteria, please
seek and get approval to proceed with the instructor in advance.

The report is to include your individual thoughts on the topic of your choice as well as
documentation in the way of internet articles, the textbook and other sources to substantiate
your claim. Any reference should be duly noted in the way of footnotes. You may quote,
paraphrase other authors BUT it is INAPPROPRIATE to not give credit where credit is due.
Be sure to give references to your sources.

The main body of your document should be in the 3 to 5 typewritten page range not
including quotes, images and other foreign sources to your argument. Where there is a clear
opposing point of view on your subject matter, please be sure to identify and acknowledge the
sources and reasoning for that view. It might be prudent to defend your argument with
reasons why you have that particular view. (PS. As a sidebar - my point of view is irrelevant
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