Judiasm2 Essay

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Judaism is all over the world. You can find Jewish people in manycountries. They speak
differentlanguages and may be of any color. Anybodywhose mother is a Jew is considered to
be Jewish. Jewish history began over four thousand years ago in the MiddleEast. This
religion is the oldest typeof monotheism. The founder, Abraham,lived near Ur. He heard a
message fromgod to move his people to Canaan, which was the Promised Land. People
thatmoved there became known as the Hebrews. Jews have both a Hebrew name and an ordinary
name. The Hebrew name is used in the Synagogue andreligious documents. The Synagogue is
ahouse of prayer, study, and a community center. The Hebrew word for Synagogue is Beth Ha
Knesset meaning house ofmeeting or assembly. The centralfeature of the Synagogue is the
Ark, which houses the scrolls of the Torah.

A baby boy is given his name when heis eight days old. When boys turnthirteen, they are
considered to be adults, and become responsible for theirreligious duties. This is marked
with aceremony called, Bar Mitzvah, meaning €œ son of the
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