Jurassic Park Synopsis

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Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

Number of pages: 399 Original Copyright Date:1990

Date Completed: Oct 25 Publisher: Ballantine Books

Plot Summary

The Story takes place on an Island off the Coast of Costa Rica. Where A very wealthy man,
John Hammond, Has set up A Genetically engineered Dinosaur preserve. Before he opens this
living attraction to the public(only the people who can afford it) He needs people, who he
thinks will be good judges of the Park. He brings them in and begins to awe them with the
sights of real dinosaurs. One of the visitors, Ian Malcolm, predicts that this is
impossible to accomplish. For he says there are flaws in the system, and according to his
chaos theory these animals cannot be predicted.

While they are in awe one of the computer programmers, Dennis Nedry, Is secretly planning
to steal dinosaur embryos from the park and sell them to a company that is trying to stay
in business with Hammond. The only way Nedry can obtain these embryos id to shut down the
park power so he can sneak into the freezing chamber.

He does while the other visitors are touring the park, and everything goes wrong from
there. As he is racing to get to the dock, where a boat is waiting to take the embryos, He
realizes that he has gone the wrong way. He gets out of the car to try and figure out
where he is and he's attacked and killed by one of the dinosaurs.

Now the power is out and all the animals can get out of the no longer electrified fences.
The others are stopped in front of the T-Rex holding area and he breaks through and
attacks them. Everyone flees and is scattered through the park.

The animals begin attacking the control building. Since all the power is out there is no
way to stop them. One of the Scientists, Wu, finds that the once all female dinosaurs are
beginning to breed. They think they got the power back on so they try to put all the
animals back in their holding areas.

Little did they know that the whole time the park was running on auxiliary power, and once
this power ran out they could not restore the main power. When all the power finally ran
out the animals began attacking full forced now. The only way to get the park running
again was to have someone manually turn on another auxiliary power generator so they could
get the main power running again.

Two people died attempting this and finally one succeeded. They got power on and were able
to call the Costa Rican government to come in and rescue them out. Once they were flying
away bombs were dropped on the island and it was totally destroyed.


There were many main characters in Jurassic Park. First there was Alan Grant, a
Paleontologist who was about 5' 11', thin, and was very interested in dinosaurs. He didn't
have any strong opinion about the park except that he was so excited to see real
dinosaurs. Next there was Ellen Sattler, She was Grant's partner in digs. She was very
beautiful, but very active and strong. She seemed to be very interested in this amazing
new world of the dinosaurs. Next there was Ian Malcolm, a tall mathematician who always
wore black. He had very strong opinions opposing the park. He knew things would go wrong
but no one listened to him. I enjoyed his way of proving everything he said. Next there
was John Hammond, a very stubborn old man who insists that his park is fine. He constantly
shuns away suggestions of how to make his park better. Next there are a brother and
sister, Tim and Alexis. Tim is ten and very smart for his age. He tries to do what he can
to help and stays out of the way when he can't. He said sister Alexis is just the
opposite, She is young, immature, and is constantly getting in the way. She thinks this
whole thing is a game and does whatever entertains her regardless of other people.


The conflict was that man created dinosaurs without thinking. Now the dinosaurs were
trying to live freely and in the process trying to destroy the barriers in the way which
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