Kazick Essay

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Imagine for a moment if you will a society without a monarchy or without conflict. Omelas
is that unrealistic or fictional world which I have briefly described. The people of
Omelas live a free and healthy life without woes and cares. The children were described as
not na´ve and happy, but as mature, intelligent, passionate adults whose lives were not
wretched. Their total society is one that we as readers picture as fiction, spawning from
the fact that we try and compare the Omelas society to our own.

The narrator in an excellent form delivered every aspect of the Omelas’ society as
we read we are to believe that this utopian society is real instead of fiction, the towns
people of Omelas they live without the comfort and luxuries such as heating and washing
machines. This society has found their own alternatives to these luxuries that some of us
take for granted. This perfect society is seen as one from the outside but those that
stare in from the inside see that this world is not perfect. For the simple fact that the
abuse of that child, shows to them that they are not completely free. By ignoring this
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