Keeping Company

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keeping company

· Nora smiles at two men at the beginning of the story, and William is giving her the evil eye. Does he really not trust her that much?
· When Nora goes to walk on the beach, it reminds me of when we go to Corpus Christi. I love to go and walk on the beach.
· Nora talks about the child as if she is already born. I think that is wonderful.
· “Don’t bother with them, Nora. They’re not our kind” When William says this, it reminds me of my best friend, and her boyfriend.
· Nora seems like an outgoing lady, and likes to mingle. But when she gets caught playing games with James, William builds a wall between the two houses. Does William really not trust her that much?
· “The wall is holding,” he says. “Can you believe it?” I say, “Yes, I believe it”. Does William really think that the wall is going to hold the relationship between Dennis and James and Nora?
· I love the way she finally stands up to her husband, and just walks out. William has to come and find her. He realizes that he is in the wronging. I love the way she makes him realize that. “…simply walk forward in silence, which is the way it is between husbands and wives, with married people” Is this really true?

This story was very inspiring. I think that every woman that has a controlling boyfriend should read this story. It is written very well.
The way that William controls his wife reminds me of my best friend and her boyfriend. He is always controlling her. Before they started going out, we used to go out for lunch two or three times a week. It was so nice, spending time with her outside of our hectic lives. But after they started going out, everything changed. It wasn’t very cool either. I really wish that it hadn’t changed.
One day after like weeks of not talking to my best friend, someone came over to tell me that a person had keyed her car. I couldn’t believe it. That person also told me that my best friend thought that I had done it. I didn’t know what to say. I was to shocked to believe it. So I decided to confront her. Before her chemistry lab, I went and talked to her. She said she thought that it was I, but it left her mind after like a millisecond. But just the thought that she thought it was me, it got me upset. We talked for like 5 hours, and everything was cool. I thought that we would be cool forever.
And then she started hanging around with her soon-to-be boyfriend. I heard less and less from her. I wrote her, but got no responses. I just figured that she was busy. So I decided to page her. I didn’t get any answer. I didn’t kno

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