Keeping Peace in the Future Essay

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Keeping Peace in the Future

Keeping Peace In The Future

In my opinion there are two main ways of securing peace in the up coming decades. The
first way is that of a realist approach and a liberal one. In the eyes of a realist,
national security can one hand only be reached by a destructive capability and the ability
to intimidate anyone that defies or threatens national security. On the other, the realist
will however not intervene if conflicts do not measure up with national interest. Either
way, the realists believe this and this alone would maintain the peace for the future. The
liberalists however believe that a more unified body with all peace-loving nations can be
the best way of conflict management. They believe that any conflict in the world should be
controlled before it can ever escalate in to a bigger one.

To start of with the realists believe that a greater military body would create a balanced
and therefor peaceful world. To achieve this the realists see possibilities of enlarging
the power of NATO and other military, governmental organizations. To create more members
and enlarging the firepower would in realistic eyes decrease countries to enter conflict.
The liberalists find this a very poor argument. They find that with a possible expansion
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