Kevin Smith

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Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is a prime example of the kind of person in my industry that I aspire to be
like. His humor is intelligent, but he walks the fine line between funny and outright
offensive. I admire him for his ability to tell a story using people, instead of effects
and a huge budget.

Kevin's first movie, Clerks, had a budget of around $27,000 (Kevin Smith). The entire film
was black and white, and the only effect that had on the movie was to further highlight
how obscenely drab these QuikStop clerks' daily lives were. Despite the tiny budget, Kevin
showed off his sense of humor and told an involving story using barely anything but the
characters. This movie was the birthplace of Jay and his hetero-life-mate Silent Bob, who
are now well known after their appearances in several of Kevin's other movies. This film
ended up getting into the Sundance Film Festival, and tickets for it sold out before the
festival started. There were people outside scalping tickets. This was the cast and crew's
first inkling that the movie might just make it. (Brian O'Holloran) The film was bought by
Gramercy after the festival.

Mallrats was Smith's second film, they went back to Gramercy for this one, and were
offered a budget of 6 million dollars. Kevin actually fought against this size budget
because he saw no need for that much, "Why? It's just a little picture about kids running
around the mall. Let's not spend that much money on it in case it doesn't really pan out"
(Kevin Smith) Luckily for them it did pan out and Kevin put out his second semi-successful
movie. One reason this movie did as well as it did is perhaps, Smith said, because they
actually tried to reach a larger variety of people with Mallrats. Even though they had a
hard R rating and could have cursed up a proverbial storm, Kevin cut down on much of the
unnecessary vulgar language.(Kevin Smith) By doing this he made the film more acceptable
to a general audience. Another step taking in that direction was Jay's reduced number of
drug related tag lines. This is not to say, however, that Smith dumbed down the movie for
the general public, as "Trish the Dish" a 15yr old highschool senior and author of
"Bore-gasm, A study of the 90's male sexual prowess", will tell you. (Renee Humphrey)
Although the movie did only fair in the theatres, Kevin had his customary cult following
(Renee Humphrey)

Chasing Amy was the movie that really got Kevin accepted by a wider audience. Up until
this point he had made farcical comedies with crude language, drug related humor, and lots
of innuendo. Chasing Amy brought Kevin to a more mainstream audience, and also served to
dispel the complaint about how he wrote women into his scripts. Though women in his movies
never complained about it, "No. Male, female, Kevin's just being funny. That's how I
always saw it." (Renee Humphrey)

More recently, and most successfully, came Dogma. Dogma's script was written before
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