Kjkjkj Essay

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How are you doing Dr. Vela, this is Grant Bekker. I'm sure you remember me as being the
one with the various personal problems, but I just wanted to let you know something about
the final. Honestly I spent a great deal of time studying, being that I couldn't possibly
make it to the test review. There was a car accident on I-35 to San Marcos, therefore the
highway was closed making it not possible to make the review. Because I missed the review
I literally didn't have any utter clue what the main points on the test were going to
cover, so I tried to memorize and study everything. Even though I missed the final review
I know that I knew the information very well, but obviously missing the review definitely
effected me. I don't know if you sympathize with me at all, but if you could please help
me out in some way I would appreciate it greatly.

Thank you,

P.s. Please let me know soon, because this is all I'm waiting on before I go home for the break.
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