Langston Huges Paper

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Langston Huges

Langston Hughes is a key figure in the vision of the American dream. In his writings his
African-American perspective gives an accurate vision of what the American dream means to
a less fortunate minority. His poetry is very loud and emotional in conveying his idea of
the African-American dream. Most of his poetry either states how the black man is being
surpressed or is a wish, a plea for equality. He does not want the black man to be better
than everyone else, but just to be treated equal. Able to meet their dream with the same
level of success and failure as everyone else.

This is most simply stated in Hughes poem I Dream a World. Hughes begins the poem by stating:
'I Dream a World where man
No other man will scorn,
Where love will bless the earth
And peace its paths adorn'; (World Lines 1-4)
Here Hughes is stating very generally and unspecific how he wishes for peace and love.
Something that everyone would like but will probably never come true. This statement is an
excellent attention getter. It tells about a dream that everyone would like without
singling out any group of people to blame for the dream not coming true. Then as the poem
goes on he gets more and more specific. Hughes then goes on to dream that everyone 'Will
know sweet freedoms way,/Where greed no longer saps the soul.'; (World lines 6-7) Here
Hughes is wishing to abolish greed. He is hoping that not only the rich will be able to
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