LAPD and NYPD Essay

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The Los Angeles Police Department and the New York City Police Department

are from two major cities, but are their hiring standards different or alike? After

comparing these two law enforcement agencies I found that they were both alike in their

hiring standards. The Los Angeles Police Department is committed to serving the

community while protecting the rights of all persons.

It is the mission of the LAPD to safeguard the less and property of the people they

serve, to reduce the incidence and fear of crime, to enhance public safety when working

with the diverse communities to improve their quality life . The mission

of the NYCPD is to enhance the quality of life in the city by working in partnership with

the community in accordance with constitutional rights to enforce the laws, preserve the

peace, reduce fear, and provide for a safe environment to the people of the community


Both agencies share the same hiring procedures and it all begins with a written

examination that is taken to determine the ability of each candidate in reading

comprehension and communication. A candidate must pass a physical test that consist of

events to evaluate the physical performance of each person. Additionally, a pre-

employment substance screening for drugs and alcohol may be required

. The employment requirements for the Los Angeles Police

Department and the New York City Police Department are alike in the minor hiring

requirements as well. You must be at least 21 years of age at the time of hire, posses a

valid California or New York drivers license, and both of these law enforcement agencies

also require that a police officer candidate be a United States citizen or that a non-citizen
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