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Last Of The Mohicans

The book begins in the middle of the French and Indian War in upper New York State near
the Hudson River and Lake Chaplain. General Webb has just gotten word from an Indian that
Moncalm and the French are going to attack Fort William Henry and that Colonel Munro will
not be ale to keep the fort because he only has one thousand men and that he (Webb) needs
to send reinforcements immediately. Upon hearing this, he ordered fifteen hundred men to
be ready to march at dawn and has Cora and Alice Munro sent to their father at Fort
William Henry accompanied by Major Duncan Heyward on horseback. They went along an Indian
path which was to get them to Fort William Henry faster and they were lead by an Indian
runner, from the time they left Fort Edward the two sisters were suspicious of their
Indian Guide, Le Renard Subtil. A little while into their trip, they meet the singing
master David Gamut who asked to accompany them to Fort William Henry.

Not to far away in the same forest, were an Indian and a White man talking about their
race's existence in the "New World." The Indian was Chingachgook, the chief of the
Mohicans, and the White man, Hawkeye; this was the name given to him by the Indians. They
talk for a while and then decide to eat. Uncas kills them something for dinner and shortly
after, The Party on it's way to Fort William Henry runs into them along the path. They
stop for a while and talk and then ask for directions to Fort William Henry. Hawkeye is
suspicious of their guide and ask to see him to find out if he is an Iroquois, Hawkeye
looks and discovers he is. Learning this, Duncan goes to keep their guide there so that
Chingachgook and Uncas can do something about him. As Duncan was staling, Chingachgook and
Uncas jumped out of the foliage and accidentally chased him away. They chase after him for
a while and wound him but in the end, he is to fast for them and they return to Duncan and
his party. Feeling that they were still not safe, Hawkeye offers to help them at no cost.
They boarded Hawkeye's canoe and they head for safety. Chingachgook and Uncas offered to
lead the horses up stream to where the others were going by canoe. They go to and island
at the foot of Glenn's Falls for safety. Once everyone was one the island torches were lit
and they went down into a cavern. At the break of dawn, the Iroquois began their attack.
The attack lasted all morning and then the Iroquois left to replenish their supplies. When
the Iroquois leave Hawkeye sees they are out of powder for their guns and that they will
all die when the Iroquois return. At this point, Cora tells Uncas and Hawkeye, Chinachgook
to swim down river and come back with rescue. About this time, they hear the shouts of the
Iroquois and realize they haven't yet been discovered. They immediately seek hiding in the
cavern. They are soon discovered and taken prisoner and taken away from the island. Their
former guide now in charge of the attack against them says that he will release them if
Cora will become his wife. When Cora refuses, the sisters and Heyward are tied to trees
and are to die before sundown. Heyward can't stand this and gets free. Once free, he
tackles their Le Renard. Heyward is soon pinned and is about to be killed when a rifle is
fired and kills Le Renard. This caused a battle to break out. Iroquois after Iroquois fell
to the ground dead. The Iroquois are quickly defeated and Heyward and the sisters are
reunited with Uncas, Hawkeye, and Chingachgook. Once reunited, they ride to an old
blockhouse where they decide to rest. They rest here until the moon comes out, then they
resume their journey the Fort William Henry. By morning, they had reached the top of a
mountain overlooking Fort William Henry. Form here, they plan how they will get to the
fort. They see that the fog is moving in form the lake and that this is their opportunity
to get to the fort unnoticed. While in the fog, they are discovered by the French and
another battle breaks out. At the top of the fort is Colonel Munro, Alice cries out to him
and he orders the gates to be opened. After five days and many losses for the English,
Heyward met with Montcalm. After this meeting Heyward returned to Munro with the message.
A few hours later, Munro goes to meet with Montcalm bearing the white flag. Montclam
offers to let the English go with their lives, weapons, and flags, if they surrender the
fort at dawn of the next day, Munro agrees. Everything is going fine and the English are
being escorted out by the French until a greedy Indian tries to take a shawl from an
English mother and he kills her for it, thus leading to another battle. During all this
commotion, Magua grabbed Alice and ran off with her, David and Cora followed in pursuit.
Because of the skirmish, Munro, Heyward, Uncas, Hawkeye, and Chingachgook, were not able
to begin the search for Alice and Cora until hours after this had taken place. They soon
find their trail and begin pursuit. They decide to spend the night back at the fort and go
after them in the morning. When they woke up, they could see the faint smoke of a dying
fire across the lake. Seeing this, they got in the canoe and headed toward it. While
heading toward the smoke, they were discovered by a group of Indians that chased them but
were fought off. They reached the shore and soon found a track. They followed this track
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