Leader Essay

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My leadership style depends on what situation I am confronting at that particular time. If
there were a particular dead line I have to meet for my job, I would prefer the Directive
style of leadership. In this style, the leader tells employees what he wants and expects
of them. The leader will gives them guidance and some support on what they should do, and
shows them how to do it. The leader is very definite in what he/she wants and only wants
it to be done his/her way. In this case the leader doesn't involve employees in
decision-making or asks for their suggestions, the leader simply wants his/her supporters
to follow the order given. Recently I was placed in a situation where I applied the
technique of Directive style leadership. It was Monday, and my group had to hand in a
group project that was due at the end of the week. I tried so hard to get everybody to
come to group meetings, but there was always an excuse not to come. I realized I had to
take drastic measures before it was too late. I gather all the necessary resources,
divided the work for my group and forced them to do their part. I was very mad and told
them if they don't do their part I am force to tell the professor about the situation. I
told them what I wanted from them and what they had to do. I even offered help if they
needed it. They finally came to their senses and noticed I was not joking around. At the
end, I was satisfied with the project considering they had minimal time to work on it.

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