Leaving atlanta Essay

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leaving atlanta

Leaving Atlanta is a story of child disappearance. Tayari Jones, the author of Leaving
Atlanta, grew up in this horrible time. She wrote about her experience growing up during
this time, and also talked with us about it while visiting Peace College. By hearing her
speak about these horrible events, it made me want to read the book even more. She also
gave you a feeling as if you were there with her and experiencing the same thing. The book
along with her speech gives better detail into this great mystery.

The book is sectioned into three sections. The three sections were the stories of three
kids, who were going through the same tragedy but in there view. I liked the way she did
this because not only gave you a detailed look through one child, but you go to experience
the knowledge of three different children and what they thought. It makes it possible for
more people to be able to relate to this book.

In the first section of the book it starts off with a little girl named Tasha. Tasha is in
the Fifth grade, and doesn't really have many friends. It describes her dilemma with
trying to fit in with all the other girls, and being "popular", and trying to deal with a
"Kid Snatcher". The summer before school started she practiced at all the games the kid's
play, so she could be good, and be able to get them to like her. The girls at school are
not very nice to her at all. Her struggle with being popular meets her up with Jashante, a
held back Fifth grader who is said to be 15. They chit chat for a little while and then
part there ways. Later in recess the girls tease Tasha with liking Jashante, and giving
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