Legalization of marijuana Analysis

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legalization of marijuana

Legalization of Marijuana
Marijuana has positive aspects, where as cigarettes and alcohol do not. Hearing this you
might ask well then how come it is illegal? Marijuana should be legalized because it has
medical benefits for sick patients, it is proven not to be a gateway drug and users under
the influence of this drug are not considered a danger to society.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) reported that marijuana had therapeutic value and that
there are some circumstances where smoking marijuana would be beneficial. Marijuana helps
treat certain sick and dying patients. The state of Wisconsin has reconigized this and has
introduced a bill to the US Supreme Court that would legalize medical marijuana . The bill
is based on a law enacted by Hawaii's legislature in 2000 allowing patients to grow,
possess and use medical marijuana with physician approval. One option the government has
is legalizing marijuana for medical use.

A lot of people have their facts wrong about marijuana. They usually place this drug in
the same category as cocaine, heroine, LSD. It is a proven fact that marijuana is less
harmful to your health than cigarettes and less threatening to alter one's behavior to a
violent manor than alcohol. Smoking 5 joints does the same amount of damage to your lungs
as smoking 1 cigarette. Cigarettes contain chemicals and other harmful ingredients that
make the smoke more harmful to your health than natural grown marijuana. Alcohol causes
more people under the influence to be more violent than someone under the influence of
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