Less than zero Essay

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less than zero

What u need

Its not as easy as you think to throw a Rave, this sounds kind of easy, but it take takes
a lot of hard work and dedication. The first thing you need is money, and the reason you
need money is because you need to make a lot of deposits. If the cash flow isn’t
that big then you get what are called investors, they put in their money and hope to get
it back. After the money thing isn’t a problem any more then you need to look for a
venue, which is not that hard any more because there are new venues everywhere,
they’re just popping up. So you need book the venue. Now that you have the location
for the date of your party the work begins.

Now you need DJ’s, which are not that hard to find. If you know someone then all you
need is one booking manager’s number and the rest isn’t hard to find. Because
the booking manager usually has other numbers to give to you. So you have a couple of
DJ’s but that’s not enough you need at least one headliner DJ. A headliner is
a big name DJ and they are usually a little more expensive than the others. Usually the
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