Let pilots arm themselves Essay

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let pilots arm themselves

I've been against it and I've been for it. Then I changed my mind and was against it
again. Finally, I think I have come to an inescapable conclusion. I am for it.

I will be criticized for voicing my opinion on this subject and some will even declare
that I am a heretic to the faith for making the declaration. Let them rant.

I have decided. Arm the pilots; put firearms into the cockpit of passenger airline flights.

There. I've said it. The fact is that a firearm is the best deterrent possible against a
suicidal manic bent on killing himself, a plane full of innocent people, and whoever he
might crash the airplane into. Pepper spray, stun guns, mace all have a high failure
potential. Terrorists who would repeat Sept. 11 must be stopped.

Several years ago, I was visiting a patient in one of Atlanta's inner-city hospitals. Late
at night, sometime past midnight, I was driving on a darkened street when I stopped behind
a car that was sitting at a red light. From out of the bushes to the right came a
disheveled man who quickly attempted to get into the passenger side of the car in front of

Fortunately, the door was locked and, as the man pulled and jerked futilely at the handle,
the terrified driver ran the red light and sped away. The man then ran back to my car and
pulled on the passenger-side handle.

It was summertime in Atlanta and the night, as all who reside in this region can testify,
was extremely warm. They don't call this city "Hotlanta" for nothing. My windows were down
and, when the man reached my vehicle (this all happened in a matter of seconds) he reached
inside the car to open the door. What he saw, as he looked in my direction, was a 9mm
Smith and Wesson semiautomatic pistol, with the safety off, pointed at his grimy head.

I quietly said, "Don't."

With that, the man fell backward onto the pavement and scrambled back into the bushes to
find repose under whatever rock he crawled out from under.

Yes, I own a firearm, possess a carry permit, and have undergone training with weaponry
both in the Marine Corps and in the police academy and beyond. I am a good shot. In fact,
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