Letter of Recommendation for Raj Rishi Chatterjee

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Letter of Recommendation for Raj Rishi Chatterjee

I should like to write a few words in support of Mr. Raj Rishi Chatterjee\'s application for graduate admission in your department. He is interested in pursuing his graduate work in the broad area of Computer Science. I have known Raj Rishi for two years. For two semesters, he was a student in my "Computer Systems and Organization" Class and laboratory course. In all the two semesters, he was one of my top students. I found him hard working and diligent to do the work assigned. More importantly, he is able to plan and organize his work efficiently. During the oral examinations, I found that he was perceptive and able to think logically. He also is enthusiastic and showed the initiative to understand and solve problems. Like most Indian students he has studied Electronics Engineering for 4 years and his fundamentals are quite sound now. Though he was admitted to "Electronics and Communication" discipline, he has pursued Computer Science and Engineering as an additional area of expertise. While being good in Electronics related subjects, he has shown immense interest and potential in the subjects of Computer Science. Out of his own personal interest, he has gone through the topics of Data Structures, Algorithms, Object Oriented Prog

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