Letter to President Coolidge Essay

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Letter to President Coolidge

President Coolidge:

Although some people believe that we, as a country, don't have enough room for all these
hard working immigrants, there comes a time when we need to realize the real basis of this
country. We are all immigrants, in our own way, some of us may have been born here, but we
do not all come from here. We all have ancestors that come from somewhere in Europe, or
somewhere else. No one is a natural citizen except perhaps the Native Americans.

To not grant someone entrance into our great nation is not only unethical, and immoral,
but also unconstitutional. Everyone deserves his or her fair chance. The real questions
when talking about the Immigration Act is, do we take the risk, do we let these people
into our country and let them become free, or do we just shoot them down and tell them
that they have to live there lives with religious persecution.

If we do not let theses people in the America, the great nation, than we are in a way not
letting people become free. We are preventing people from living the lives they want to
live. Most of all we are feeding communism, and foreign army's with people that want to
live in the Americas but we wont let them. Think of all the people that would come and
live in America, the United States of America, The Land of The Free, and join our Army,
our Air Force, our Navy, and our Marine Core. Talk about one great nation. Think of all
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