Life Or Death Book Report

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Life Or Death

We are all aware of death, and we know it will come to us all. To many of us death brings
a chill down our spine ridden with fear, but to others it is ridden with strength and
satisfaction of accomplishment. Fortunately or unfortunately we are all condemned to
death. However no one knows when exactly the inevitable will approach, but we all know it
is inescapable. But what makes death seem more realistic to us and those in denial of it
is the lucid pictures of people suffering, in pain and those on their death bed before
many of us can be rationale and accept the truth. Someone once said, 'Life is about 50-70
years of pain. One is born through the mother's pain and die leaving others in pain.'; How
do we accept and deal with the process of our last days with all the suffering we go
through, and the suffering our loved ones share with us? What impact does suffering and
death leave behind? Does the love we had experienced decline with our shrunken bodies,
does the responsibilities we challenged take control of us or does our friendships
eventually sail in the distance like the compost to become of us; or perhaps all three? Or
conceivably we build a stronger love for life, and a stronger legacy for our loved ones to
cherish? What pain do they feel? Yet, all in all we need to distinguish what it means to
suffer? Is it 'to endure death, pain, or distress?'; Or can it be to sustain loss or
damage. In this paper I will attempt to show that as human beings we take for granted what
'life'; is and seem to forget that death is inevitable. But most importantly how suffering
and death have an impact on our daily and routinely concepts of love, friendship and

W hat is 'Love';? Is the love you feel for your child the same as the love you feel for
your spouse? Is the love you feel for the brand new car sitting in the dealership the same
as the love one feels for their parent? Love exists in many levels, and can be defined in
many ways. The flourishing part about love is that only an individual can define what love
is because its something only he or she can feel and distinguish. Love can be expressed in
either combination or all of the following: Love towards our faith, love in an exotic
nature, love for our children, and lastly love for material things.

It does not matter what religion or type of faith one has, when death and suffering is
around us, we tend to rely heavily on our faith. Our love for religion and belief increase
knowing that there may be a remote possibility that one can get better and reduce the
suffering another goes through and even pray for a simple and painless death. This
increase of love allows our mind to feel some sort of satisfaction that good can come out
of praying and if one was to die, our faith would tell us that we did our best. In other
words, our love towards our faith tends to be one of the strongest lifelines we can posses
to reduce the guilt and pain of those around us who are suffering.

For many of us who are in a relationship either by marriage or simply as mates can relate
to the feelings they are exhibited within and around one when they are with or simply
thinking about our mates. This feeling of security and belonging tends to increase our
love towards each other, especially during times of pain and death. We begin to see the
world of insecurity and being alone, a world of being abandoned and feeling useless. There
are those who don't posses a 'soul mate';, and nonetheless they too feel an increase of
love; the love of having a mate of being wanted and loved, and the feeling of not being

As parents or parents to be, whether within months or years, we all as humans strive for
one goal at the end; to raise our children the best we can and the best they can be. If
and when the time comes for us as parents and humans to pass on, and if we leave our
children here, without a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, our guilt could
probably 'kill'; us before we actually die knowing and seeing the child living a life of
sorrow and pain. But to many parents, the greatest accomplishment and knowledge is the
children knowing and realizing what the meaning of love is and making sure the child has
felt the love that their parents gave from start to finish was unconditional would
probably be the icing on the top of the cake. The love for a child should be a durable as
possible so that the child could use it as a shield from all the outside 'enemies'; in the
world and feel a sense of security behind it.

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