Lincoln Application Essay

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Lincoln Application Essay

Now is a time to make decision in life that will help me succeed in the future. The decision is to choose the right high school that will help me meet my goals and prepare me for college. A school that can train and give me all the tools I need to be an international business. I believe and know that Lincoln high school will give me the best opportunity and the knowledge to reach what I have always preach. The program that Lincoln has would be best to prepare me for my career. I had always dream of majoring in international business, and very interested in the studying of computer. I have heard lots of good thing about Lincoln, it was said to be one of the best school, and teachers care for their student’s education. Being a Lincoln’s student will not just get me a step closer to my goal, but Lincoln will sharpen my personality and make me a better person to the community. I would like that opportunity to receive the acceptance of joining Lincoln.


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