Lord of the Flies Foreshadowing by use of Conflict Essay

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Lord of the Flies Foreshadowing by use of Conflicts

In the beginning chapters of Lord of the Flies, William Golding foreshadows action that
will come in the eleventh and twelfth chapters. He does this by introducing various
conflicts. These conflicts are Ralph versus Jack, weak, represented by Piggy, versus
strong and Ralph, representing order, reason, and humanity, versus chaos.

It is obvious from the first time that Ralph and Jack meet that there will be a struggle
between them. In chapter one when the two meet Jack automatically proclaims himself the
leader while Ralph has himself in mind for the position (22). Although both boys wish to
be in charge, they think very differently. Ralph proves himself to be logical and
responsible by suggesting the building of a signal fire. He desires order, and rescue is
his priority. Jack, on the other hand, sees the situation as a game and becomes obsessed
with hunting. He even allows the fire to burn out so that a passing ship cannot see the
smoke (67).

As the novel progresses, the two distrust each other more and more, and Jack begins to
adopt animal-like characteristics. For example, at the beginning of chapter three, Jack
is crawling on the ground looking for pig tracks (48). These differences and
confrontations, such as the one where the boys are on a hunt for the beast and Ralph asks
Jack why he hates him, lead to the final conflict between the boys.
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