Louisbourg Report Essay

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Louisbourg Report

The Fortress Of Louisbourg

In all of North America, you will not find a more power fortress than

Louisbourg. It was said to be indestructible, but was proven otherwise on a

number of occasions. Established in 1713 and located on Northern Cape

Breton Island, Louisbourg was not only a fortress but a major commercial

center as well. Louisbourg was originally known as Port St. Louis, and its main purpose
was protecting Quebec and Montreal by guarding the entrance to the St. Lawrence River
against hostile ships. The other main job for Louisbourg was serving as a base for the cod
fishing industry. French fishing ships could come to Louisbourg to unload their catch
instead of taking it all the way back to France. This arrangement saved time and money and
allowed the ships to catch more fish in a season, since they didn't have to make the long
trip back to France with each load. However, Louisbourg was also sending out raiding
parties to attack New England villages along the coast. The New Englanders soon heard of
the mutiny at Louisbourg, so the villages decided to fight back against this threat. In
1745, 4000 New Englanders, along with the Royal Navy, launched an attack against the
fortress, but Louisbourg didn't think them of as a threat. Louisbourg thought that the New
Englanders would not be able to launch a serious attack with any kind of heavy artillery,
since they attacked the weak rear side, travelling over marshy, wooded areas to reach the
fort. The people of Louisbourg were wrong, however, as the New Englanders did indeed
manage to bring in artillery over the marshy terrain. Had Louisbourg attacked the New
Englanders now with their entire garrison, the English may very well have turned and ran,
but they chose to attack from within their walls with only muskets. This allowed the
English to pound the fort with their cannons, as well as exchange musket fire with the
French. Since the Royal Navy prevented the bringing in of supplies and reinforcements,
Louisbourg was soon forced to surrender to the New Englanders, who banished the French
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