Love And Lust In Shakespeare? Essay

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Love And Lust In Shakespeare?

Love and Lust in Shakespeare' sonnets

Shakespeare' sonnets are on a variety of themes such as time, love, gender, politics,
sexuality, law, methaphysics and many others. They express strong feelings and strong
arguments. However shakespeare struggle with love and lust is evident in his sonnets.
Troughout the reading of Shakespeare' sonnets I can persieve that he is a profound admirer
of beuty; and he persieves beuty of different ways. There are some kinds of beuty that he
considers good for his spirit, and others that he considers bad or evil for his spirit.
The beuty of the sun, earth, and sea for example are good for shakespeare; On the other
hand the beuty of women is evil for him, because it persuades him to act with lust. Here
initiates the dilema that causes the struggle he has with love ans lust.

It seems that Shakespeare consider women as symbols of lust, since their beuty seduces men
and makes them act in response to the evil desires that are inside of them - desires of
the flesh -which corrup the spirit. " Two loves I have of comfort and despair, which like
two spirits do suggest me still: The better angel is a man right fair, The worser spirit a
woman, colored ill. To win me soon to hell, my female evil. Tempteth my better angel...and
would corrupt my saint to be a devil" ( Sonnet 144, page 821, red book).

The beuty of women is the cause of lust, as it is also pictured in sonnet 1, when it says:
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