Love Is Beautiful Essay

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Love Is Beautiful

Teenagers are so blind to love because we are young and stupid. If it weren't called a
crush, it wouldn't hurt. When I believe it's not there it seems so real and overflows my
body with an unexplainable feeling. No matter what I do I cannot change the unexpected. I
honestly don't think anyone will be able to understand or define the meaning of love.
However I love my family and friends, but I am starting to give up on loving anyone else.
I hate how I'm so happy and then it's ruined.. I hate how you make me feel so bad, however
in my life I've experienced more love from you than enough pain to overcome what I already
know, which is to love to the full extent. Goodbye is never goodbye until life is over. I
will always be able to love someone again, just like they are able to love me. Why do I
listen to others lies about love and what they know? Why don't I just love like I want to
love. I exercise my mind freely and i forget what is holding it altogether. I will always
be buried with feelings and emotions from past experiences whether I realize it or not.
It's hard to see and understand from anyone's perspective because I am not that person and
I am surely not God. I cannot relive the past, but build over faith in myself. I cannot
rely on what I hear or say or even on other's ambitions. I must forgive and never forget,
I believe; If I forget, what lesson was learned? Or if I were in love why would I want to
forget how wonderful it was to see the person smile and why it hurts so bad now to see
them smile. I hate when you wipe my tears away because I cry more knowing you see and know
that the pain is there. I'm not just in love, I am deeply and desperately in love and this
one time is enough. Piece by piece I take in the meaning of such a confusing feeling of
emotion. Look in my eyes, which will describe the truth that my heart wants to say. It's
easier to lie and walk out on love then to hurt you or myself later by just tearing up the
emotions that were shared. Love is not a gift to life, it is something to take out and
figure out. I love you i'd do anything to listen to what you can't say. I'd deny the truth
and protect you with my life. I can't love, I already love you to a full extent. I love
you as much as it seems you will allow me. Why is it that people can't rely on their own
decisions and feelings of love? I don't think i will ever have that answer. If faith can't
bind us together, then what can or will? There's nothing I want more than to be with you.
You don't realize that I care so much about what was there and what is still here. Yes,
mistakes do come into the picture. However why can't we start new and watch our souls
collide. This love I speak of is unlike anything i've ever experienced before. I patiently
wait for the moment that you'll realize that I was in love all along but I have just began
to figure it out. If I don't know how to fix my mistakes, then of course you'll never know
if I don't take a chance to explain why I love you so much, or even how or why this all
came about. Out of all the rest you stand out. Was it fate or destiny? . I can see the way
you feel. Day after day, I thought I was getting closer to the understanding of love's
meaning, but I took a wrong turn and now I'm lost without you. I'm lost without another
way. If you asked me how many times I've given up or ran away from the problems that
interfered, it'd be too many to keep track of. I'll never be able to get the closeness I
shared with you with anyone else because I'm afraid you'll run away like I already did,
but if you say you're my friend, good friend, or more than friends. Just be honest, with
no honesty love will not get far. Hold on to what could be or what's left, stronger than
you ever have before. I believe in you and I believe in our love that once was shared and
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