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The play is about a man called Macbeth who on his journey home meets three witches who for
tell his future as first becoming thane of Cawdor and, later king. Macbeth instantly
sercomes to the witches and believes what the witches say. When Duncan announces is
successor as his son Malcolm is dream of becoming king through honesty are dashed. Lady
Macbeth quickly comes up with a plan to make Macbeth king, by killing king Duncan and
making his son Malcolm flee in hope to save his own life. The plan is followed through
Duncan dies and Malcolm flees for his life leaving Macbeth as king. But the guilt is too
much and he soon starts to see the goast of King Duncan, meanwhile his wife goes insane
with guilt and kills herself. Malcolm army soon attacks on Macbeth and Macduff kills
Macbeth. Malcolm was made king.

Shakespeare use of witches in act 1 scene 3 and act 4 scene 1 is highly significant, I
also believe that they say a lot about Shakespeare and how he would of thought. The main
reasons though that I feel the witches roles were so significant is because Shakespeare
wanted to please the king who was interested in demonology, to expose Macbeths mind the
witches sort of showed his conscious escaping. Also to show human weakness or temptation,
which gives the audience, a lot to listen for.

The witches appearing in Act 1 had a huge affect on the story line. Even before we meet
the witches we know the next few minuets will be very important, because of the
significant weather change. You notice it has become very dark and tense this instantly
makes the audience aware of their surroundings. When you do meet the witches you notice a
good use of pathetic fallacy because the sky is dark and gray and so is the mood of the

When he meets the witches they tell him of his future as King Macbeths response is the
expected yer right its more of a great! He doesn't seem to need to know how? Or why? Or
even how do you know? Which suggests that he may already have had these ambitions he
doesn't seem to question the witches as if he already thought it out minuet by minuet and
he doesn't need any more answers.

I also believe that Lady Macbeth shared the same ambitions as her husband because when
Macbeth tells her of the witches prophesies she also doesn't questions whatthe witches say
which can suggest she is a witch or that she also has an ambitions of her husband becoming

When Banquo and Macbeth first sees the witches there are seen as the lowest form of human
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