Main Street1 Essay

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Main Street1

Main Street
Lewis, Sinclair
Copyright 1948
David Snow

Paragraph 1
The protagonist in this story is Carol Kennicott. She is a young woman attending college
in St. Paul Minnesota. She wants to go somewhere in her life. She has gone out and gotten
a college education so that she won’t have to be a house wife. She has an outgoing
personality and is continuously trying to change the things around her. She meets a man
named William Kennicott. They fall in love and move to the small town of Gopher Prairie.
While there Carol tries to change her home, as well as all of the other buildings in town.
Carol is identified as the protagonist because she’s the main character and she has
a conflict to overcome.

Paragraph 2
The antagonist in this story is Carol’s personality. She is always trying to stay
in love with William, but at the same time she can’t stand the thought of living in
a small town where the people don’t change. It’s important to the antagonist
that she change the world one small community at a time. All of the attempts made by
Carol are failures because she’s moving too fast for the citizens of Gopher Prairie.

Paragraph 3
The conflict in this story is best described as Carol vs. Herself. Carol wants to love
Will and be a loyal wife. She wants to love his mother and be a mother herself. Carol
has the desire and willingness to stay with Will, but at the same time the thought of
changing the town and not adapting to their ways is always implanted in her mind. Carol
wants to change the town to a more contemporary time. She has always had this thought,
even during her stay at college. The reason she attended college is so that she
wouldn’t have to live the cliched life of being a house wife, with darling children,
and an adoring husband. Carol has a desire from both ends of this argument. She loves
her husband, but small town life doesn’t suit her. This conflict is internal
because Carol is always at war with her conscience.

Paragraph 4
The climax of this story comes in the last two chapters. Carol has moved to Washington
and is pursuing a career that will help change the city. Will comes out to visit and he
brings photographs of Gopher Prairie and the surrounding fields. It becomes apparent at
this point that Carol no longer wants to stay in Washington. She realizes that all the
time she spent in Gopher Prairie she never gave the town a chance; rather, she tried to
change everyone around her. She asks Will if she should stay or return with him. He says
that the decision is hers and hers alone. She becomes so home sick that she knows she has
to return and spend her life with her loving husband Will.

Paragraph 5
Carol gets on a train and proceeds to make her way back to Gopher Prairie, Will, her
friends, and her life. As the train gets closer and closer to the town Carol becomes even
more homesick. She moves back in with Will and it doesn’t take her long to get back
into the motions of small town living. Carol and Will pursue a life of happiness together
in the small town with all of their friends... Carol thinks the townspeople should change
their routine and have an annual get together.

Paragraph 6
Main Street takes place during the early 1900's in the small town of Gopher Prairie.
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