Mainframes and supercomputers Essay

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mainframes and supercomputers


The oldest category of computers is the mainframe. Mainframe computers are capable of
great processing speeds and data storage. They are generally stored in specially wired,
highly air conditioned rooms. Because they produce large amounts of heat they produce they
are water or air-cooled. Mainframes are made of thousands of light bulb like fixtures
called vacuum tubes. They are typically the size of a jeep and range in price from $50,000
to $5 million. These machines are primarily used by large companies such as banks,
insurance companies, and airlines, that handle millions of transactions. Mainframes were
first produced in the 1940’s. Some companies are still using the first mainframes
produced such as the Univac. The world has invested one trillion dollars in mainframe
computers, sixty percent of which were made and sold by IBM. With the invention of the
microprocessor and printed circuit boards mainframes are often being replace by smaller
networked computers. As time progresses mainframes will be kept for some purposes,
networks of smaller computers will grow, and the mainframe will be reinvented.(Hutchinson)
The ENIAC was the first mainframe computer produced. It used 18,000 vacuum tubes, and
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