Making Money the Easy Way Essay

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Making Money the Easy Way

Slavery has been a very sensitive, touchy subject since, and even before, its abolition in
1865. There is no doubt whatsoever that its one, if not the, worst things to ever take
place in the United States. However, this happened a long, long time ago in a different
generation. The ancestors of those who were slaves have every right to be angry about what
happened, but to try and claim money for it is absurd. Granted it was wrong, it was the
way of life in those times. Wealthy white men owned slaves in those days. Paying back
these slaves ancestors would not change anything. What's done is done. Also there are many
other needs in this country that this money could help greatly. Doing this would stir up
more tension than there already is now. The fact that the country is paying back American
Indians and Japanese-Americans is hard to comprehend. These people are being greedy only
using their ancestors as an excuse to get their hands on some quick cash.

The world is an ever changing place with new customs, beliefs, and ideas being thought up
every day. Times change, and people change. In the 1700's and the 1800's it was custom for
the rich, white plantation owners to have slaves. As we look back now it is obvious to us
that it was wrong but that is the way is was then. There was no law banning it. Think
about alcohol. It is bad and causes bad things to happen sometimes, but its legal. So in
100 years will the government give money to anybody who was harmed due to alcohol? The
same thing goes for cigarettes. One day down the road people will realize what alcohol and
cigarettes do and they may ban them. The world evolves everyday and everyone uses the
lessons they learned from past generations in order to fit in well with society and live
life to the fullest.

What does giving slaves ancestors money solve? Nothing. Slavery took place hundreds of
years ago and paying back families does not make anything right. There is nothing that can
be done to make what happened better. Paying reparations will not free

the slaves. Anyone who is trying to collect reparations is a selfish fool who cares
nothing about making things right, they just want money. Paying them back still would not
make them feel better about slavery. A check for however much money will not make them say
"Ok, slavery was alright, I forgive them." They will still hold a grudge. Let somebody ask
these people who are trying to claim money, "What does this solve?" and if one can come up
with an answer then maybe they have an argument. Finding a person with a good answer would
be hard though. This is a prime example of what is wrong with this country, people looking
for a quick buck and the easy way out.

How many other things could this country do with the money used to pay back these
ancestors? Some say the government owes eight billion dollars. There are a staggering
amount of hungry mouths sleeping on the side of the road, countless numbers of children
with disease and no family. These are problems the United States faces today. There is
nothing to be done about slavery, but this is a problem that can be addressed and solved
today. Paying back reparations would not only be a waste of money but in essence would
kill thousands who could have used the money to recover from disease, eat, find shelter
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