Malcolm X Except

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Malcolm X

Malcolm Little was born May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. He grew up around eight siblings.
His mother was a mixed woman because her mother was raped by a white man. His father was a
very outspoken black Baptist church minister, who preached that blacks should go back to
Africa. Due to death threats by white supremacist his family had to relocate to different
places to live. After all that time his father was murdered when police found his body on
the trolley tracks. The mother new it was by white supremacist. After his death his mother
was committed to an insane asylum. Malcolm and his brother and sisters were split up and
sent to foster homes and orphanages.

Malcolm graduated at the top of his junior high class. He then located to Harlem, New
York. He then was associated in many petty crimes such as narcotics prostitution. Malcolm
then went back to Boston with his friend "Shorty" . Malcolm was later caught by the police
and was sentenced to seven year sentence in jail. There he found the honorable Elijah
Muhammad. At the time of Malcolm's parole he was a devoted follower of the Nation of
Islam. Malcolm increased membership of the nation of Islam from 500 in 1952 to 30,000 in
1963. Malcolm X in the 1960's was silenced for 90 days, for saying the chickens came back
to roost, talking about the John F. Kennedy assignation. Malcolm X went to visit the city
of Mecca. On the trip he found out that not just blacks were his only Muslim brothers but
blonde haired and all different races were. On his return to America he not only preached
to just Blacks but all different races.
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