Male Body Image Essay

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Male Body Image

Body image is what you believe about your physical appearance. Images of beautiful men and
women are displayed everywhere from billboards to television advertisements. Fortunately,
everyone does not look the same. Looking at models and movie stars often can create a
negative self image of oneself in relation to these images. Approximately 46 percent of
men of normal weight think about how they look constantly or frequently (Cloud, 46). The
emergence of men's new obsession with body image is connected to pressures from the media,
plastic surgeons, and peers.

The media plays a primary role in the mushrooming fascination between men and their body
image. An article in the New York Times said, "G.I. Joes have morphed over the last three
decades into muscle-bound hunks that can harm the self-esteem of boys..." (Santelmo). Kids
are more likely to develop a hero from someone close to them or someone they know about.
Why not look up to the 26.8 inch biceps of the G.I. Joe Extreme? There have also been an
increasing number of sleek male magazines. Included are photos of male models wearing only
boxers or briefs which have 6-pack abs and a broad chest. Similar to the latest G.I. Joe,
extreme bodybuilders are also a popular commodity of the magazines, flexing and grinning
with barbarian-sized muscles. The common male might say, "I want to look like that." The
concept of these images is not entertainment, but is influence towards a ridiculous
ultimatum, like "I have to be in shape to be successful."

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