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Information Services with-in the legal industry can be a very rewarding career. Law firms
in general usually have large budgets and can afford the latest and greatest in technology
and technology training. Additionally, the working conditions are quite comfortable and
relaxed. Although Information Service oriented careers are typically viewed as blue collar
jobs, there are many perks within a successful firm that can make them sometimes seem

Law firms are in the business of billing and profiting from their clients need to pursue
legal action. In corporate America, large businesses rely heavily on the counsel and
advice from expert attorneys who work for these large firms. In turn, the attorneys like
any other working professional, have also come to rely on the tools they need to complete
their jobs. The personal computer and its reach into the depths of cyber-space have long
since become a fundamental necessity for them. In a firm of over 1000 attorneys for
example, there can easily be a requirement for more than double the amount of computers
than there are people. In order for a firm to afford the salaries of such high paid
attorneys it must have the ability to generate profit. The attorneys generate this profit
and whether it be known to them or not, it is suffice to say they could not have done so
with out an exceptional technological infrastructure. They have provided the financial
means necessary to supply a team of IS professionals who support their every technology
requirement. A team with large budgets to purchase the best technology and the best
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