Marine Fishkeeping

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Marine Fishkeeping

Marine Fish Keeping 101

Not to long ago the only places you could see marine fishes were public aquariums, but not any more, now you can have these beautiful fish in your own home. With today’s technology, you can keep salt-water fish alive and healthy in a tank of water in your house!

In recent times, we have seen these beautiful fish on television from around the world, and this has caused an upsurge in interest in keeping marine fishes in the home aquarium. Initially the fishes were prohibitively expensive due to high freight charges and the low number of fish that got to their location alive and in good health. However, that all changed with the introduction of mass air transportation and new technology in the container fields. Both helped enormously in ensuring that a much higher proportion of fishes arrived at their destination healthy.

To answer the question “why keep marine fishes?” is not hard to find. It’s because the fish are so beautiful and graceful that you want to be able to see them whenever you wish. However, there are other reasons also, especially if you are already a fish-keeper. You may have started keeping fresh water fish and then onto tropical as your interests grew. You may also see keeping marine fishes as a continuing challenge to your fish- keeping skills. There is also pride in being able to keep marine fishes in the home aquarium. On the other hand you may you may want to keep fish simply because you enjoy them and their beauty.

Marine fish keeping is a much more complex and technical subject than freshwater fish keeping. Because all marine fishes are imported and not bread in captivity, they are much more expensive. One of the fascinations of keeping marine fishes is that, because it is a relatively new hobby, there is still much to be discovered about this hobby. This hobby takes dedication and persistence to become good at it.

The following is a brief description on how to get started with a fish tank of your own; there is a wide range of marine animals that can be kept in an aquarium. There is not only the fish but there are invertebrates that are sometimes necessary to keep with certain fish. The choice of fish for the fish tank is very wide; some are very expensive others are not. But you have to be careful when stocking the aquarium because they don’t always get along with each other, the fish’s normal habitat is well-lit and well-oxygenated, so you have to be careful of over crowding. Most fish are territorial and will defend their territory viscously if they feel threatened.

This means that the environment needed for the animals to live has to be more closely monitored and the equipment and supplies used can be more expensive. If the time and finances aren't spent on your aquarium, the result will be dead fish and corals and a frustrated hobbyist.

The time investmen

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