Mark Twain The Adventures of Huck Fin Essay

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Mark Twain The Adventures of Huck Fin

Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain is a famous author. He is one of the most
widely respected and loved American writers. He wrote over 30 works, including satires,
short stories, historical fiction and non-fiction novels as well as five Travelogues. One
of the novels that he wrote was The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. That is the novel I

Samuel Langhorne Clemens was born in Florida, Missouri on November 30, 1835. He was the
sixth child of John and Jane Clemens. Just a few years later, in 1839, the Clemens family
moved to a nearby town, Hannibal, where he spent his childhood years. During his those
years, he had a strong bond with the Mississippi River. His childhood dream was to become
a steamboat man on the river. The town in which he lived steamboats docked 3 times a day.
Clemens was fascinated with them. By the age of 16, Clemens was working for his brother
Orion’s Hannibal Western Union. He published sketches and worked as a printer,
sometimes taking on editor in his brother’s absence. By age 21 he was seeking a
bunk on a ship going to South America. There he met Horace Bixby, a steamboat pilot. He
persuaded Horace to take him on as an apprentice and after two years on the Mississippi,
Clemens had his pilot’s license. With the start of the Civil War in April 1861,
river traffic on the Mississippi was suspended. Clemens' steamboat pilot career came to
an end. He had been occasionally sending letters to the Virginia City Territorial
Enterprise, the territory's most well known newspaper, and by September 1862, he had been
accepted to be a reporter for the paper. After a short 17 months, Clemens left the
Enterprise and went to San Francisco. He traveled extensively for the next few years and
at age 33 he secretly was engaged to Olivia Langdon, better known as Livy. In 1870 his
life took a dramatic change towards stability. He married Livy and settled down in
Buffalo, N.Y. They had a few traumatic years and finally moved to Connecticut. They had
3 daughters, Susy, Clara and Jean. He also published The Gilded Age, with Charles Dudley
Warner, his first fictional book. Now settled into his home in Hartford, Clemens devoted
himself to writing novels and sketches, and performing an occasional lecture. The
Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Life on the Mississippi and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
were published between 1876- 1885. Many other books and sketches were published in
upcoming years. In 1900, Samuel and Livy moved to NYC and Livy became seriously ill. She
died in 1904 and he spent the years following Livy's death primarily in New York City. By
1908, Clemens moved into his final home, a residence in Redding, CT. In December 1909,
Clemen’s youngest daughter, Jean, died and his health rapidly deteriorated. In
January 1910, he went to Bermuda because of his ailing heath. He sensed he wasn't going
to live long and on April 21, 1910, he subsequently fell into a coma at Stormfield. At
sunset, his heart failed and he died in bed. He was 74 years old.

The novel, The Adventures Huckleberry Finn opens with Huck introducing himself as someone
who you might have heard of. Huck is living with Widow Douglas and her sister Miss
Watson. They are trying to teach him religion and proper manners. One night, Huck sneaks
out of the house and joins Tom Sawyer’s gang and they pretend they are robbers and
pirates. Huck soon discovers his drunken abusive father, Pap Finn, as returned to town.
Pap confronts Huck and says that he should quit school and stop trying to better himself
but to spite his father Huck continues to go to school. Soon Pap kidnaps Huck and takes
him across the Mississippi to the Illinois riverbank. Huck is comfortable with no more
religion and manner lessons but Pap’s beatings become so severe that Huck fakes his
own murder and escapes. He lands a down at Jackson’s Island and meets Miss
Watson’s slave, Jim. He has also run away because he was in fear that he would be
sold down the river. They soon learn that two men are coming to search the island and
escape on a raft. Jim had a plan to arrive at Cairo, and from there he can go up the Ohio
River to the free states. Huck and Jim encounter many characters during their traveling
the river. The only time that they both feel they are truly free is when they are upon
the raft. This freedom is shattered when they meet the duke and the king. They take
commander the raft and scam. The scams are harmless they pose as English brothers to
steal a whole family’s inheritance. Before they can carry out their plan the true
brothers get there. Huck and Jim flee but are soon reunited with the duke and the king.
Since they are disappointed because they didn’t get the money the sell Jim into
slavery. Huck goes and finds Jim but he figures out he is being held captive. Tom Sawyer
soon arrives and Huck explains Jim’s situation. Tom and Jim brew an elaborate plan
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