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Marketing process

The tourist potential of the climatic, landscape, historical & cultural resources of Canada, & New York (USA)

The designations I have chosen are both on the American continent. The statistics used are
based on the European traveller. Because of the vast difference in population density of
Canada and the U.S.A, I have decide to centre my comparison around the vast metropolis of
New York and western Canada (Calgary-lively city lake Louise-scenic resort)

Canada is situated in the north of the American continent: it is one of the most visited
countries in the world. This means that the number of incoming visitors is immense.
Renowned for its stunningly beautiful countryside, Canada mixes the flavour of Europe with
the bustle of trendy New York, The Canadian Rocky Mountains and its parks, is a
destination of choice for millions of visitors annually. For over 100 years the community
of Calgary have enjoyed living among the most beautiful natural surroundings in North

"The continents territory is divided between only Canada and USA its population of over
277 million is heavily concentrated in a pocket between the grate lakes and the east
coat." (Burton 1995)

As we all know New York is situated to the south of Canada and located on the west coast
of the United States. New York is a vibrant, sophisticated, diverse and happening 24-hour
city with plenty to see and do day or night The north east roughly revises 40 per cent of
the USA population, 37.6 per cent of all domestic tourism is focused on the three states
around new York, new jersey and Pennsylvania

Known as the "Big Apple", featuring the world famous buildings such as The Empire State
and Chrysler buildings. New York is oozing with culture; you could easily spend a day
strolling through one of its many galleries and gardens or choose from 150 museums
including the Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum
of Natural History all well known across the globe.

Canada :
The surrounding areas of New York and down town Calgary in Canada are very similar .The
major difference is the terrain, because Calgary is the gateway to the eastern rocky
mountains, which rear up in a sheer wall of snow-capped peaks seventy kilometres west of
the city.

Only an hour's drive west along the Trans Canada Highway from the city centre is Banff
National Park, the pride of Parks Canada and a showpiece of Canadian wilderness. The Banff
town site and resort is renowned for its luxurious accommodation, including the historic
Banff Springs Hotel, as well as its bustling nightlife. With almost 30 feet of natural
snow a year and lifts running up to 10,000 feet, the ski hills of Sunshine Valley, Mount
Norquay and Lake Louise are ranked among the best in the world, 2000- foot mountain and
extreme sports.

Most of the sales are for package holidays. But its main attraction is the winter snow;
Pinched between the slopes of one of the world's most rugged mountain ranges and
grasslands, Calgary is a city constantly on the move, regularly expanding to attract more

A target market that this has helped to reach is youth which thrives on the
"Greatest Outdoor Snow and sport," ( Barid 2000)
(extreme sports) One of the main attractions in the city is the Palliser Hotel's famous
galas. Which people come to see and experience saying in one of the best hotels in the

New York:

Tourism in New York is aimed towards the city break, New York is a tourist hot spot for
America inland around Manhattan there are many historical and cultural attractions. There
are well over 300 places of interest in Manhattan alone. For Example: The Statue of
Liberty, Times Square, Central Park and many more. It is well known for shopping areas
that attract people to spend their money also many honeymooners have a romantic week away
in the 5 star hotels. It has become known as a "luxury city"

Architecturally, the empire state building and the statue of liberty are very interesting:
there are also many types of museums and galleries that all add to the tourist diversity
of the city of New York.

New York is also the basis of many Hollywood film productions. also One of the main
reasons for travelling to New York is business in the city. New York is one of the world's
financial hubs and is home to Wall Street, where billions are thrown about on the NYSE
(New York Stock Exchange). With all these areas bring in tourism the economy intake is

A major factor that affects the choice of destination for tourists is the stability of the
area, politically and economically. New York has a sound infrastructure. E.g transport
NYPD ,NYFD the business customer depends on this stability and business people from around
the world appreciate the diversity of new York.

Located on the west coast of the United States, New York lies 237 miles north of Washington
DC (The Capital city of the USA). It has three international airports(Newark, La Guardia,
and JFK) dotted around the city outskirts servicing what is widely known as 'the gateway
to the USA

Positive and negative impacts:

The media advertises globally both destination New York/ Canada as being within the top
ten most desirable destinations in the world. The factors that add towards this are main
areas such as transport; there are good transport facilities in both places which makes
them easily accessible for visitors.

Through out history different ethnic groups have moulded the character of Major tourist
destinations. New York characteristically has a strong Irish back ground. Where as Canada
has more of a multicultural flavour, particularly combining English and French.

The prices available to the customers/ visitor is one of the reasons why so many English
people visit these country as England taxation levels are high and adds up to you paying
half what you would in England.

Price New York:

Flights to New York are expensive at the best of times, due to the high levels of business
in the city and as the gateway to America via connecting flights from Europe to other
cities in the USA; the international airports are always busy. Eating out in Manhattan is
expensive like in all major cities, but with thousands of small eateries and delis located
anywhere and everywhere, the cost of eating out can be dramatically reduced.

Price Canada:

Travelling with air Canada prices, go up and down through out the year,depending if it is off -peak or peak season.
December and February are the most busy and therefore most expensive times to go skiing
and visit Canada. As it is a long haul journey, both scheduled and charter flights are
available depending which airline you travel with.

The Internet is the best means of finding cheaper travel arrangements from companies such
as American Airlines, United Airlines, Virgin Airlines and British Airways.

Europe inbound tourism over a nine year period:
Over the last 9 years the number of inbound tourists travelling from Europe has increased
by at least one third, the main increase was between 1994 to 1995, and the decrease
happened in 1998, Canada/ USA are one of the top ten well known visited country's in the
world, European tourist visit this Ares for the different culture and climate.

Europe 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999
thousands 1,686,000 1,695,000 1,724,000 1,856,000 1,994,000
2,188,000 2,371,000 2,330,000 2,298,000 2,407,000

September the 11th had such a big impacted on the whole of America not only America but
ironically Canada as well, parts of the world associate Canada with America when in truth
they are two different countries entirely. Both countries businesses where affected,
financial and economically.

Tourism experienced the biggest knock back when people where too scared of flying in and
out of America and Canada gateways. As people where frightened to go there, this affected
their income more than anything on the stock market.

The statistics are hard to find but reports show After September the 11th there is still a
significant decrease in the number of visitors coming to the countries. This is picking
up; slowly more so now then two years ago, city breaks and over night stays, VFR traffic
has picked up as well, are becoming ever more popular.

The main gateways and travel routes Canada /USA
Canada gateways:
The destination I have chosen is accessible by plane. The main gateways to Canada are
Toronto and Vancouver this is where the main incoming traffic, comes in to the country. It
is a long haul flight you can get charter and scheduled flights to Canada on
Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday/Saturday it takes 10-12 hours to get to Calgary. Transfer time
is 2 hours 45 mins to Lake Louise but only 15 mins from the centre of Calgary which is one
of the main cities. The Air Lines that run from the U.K to Calgary depart from
Heathrow/Gatwick and Manchester the air lines they work with are Air Canada/British
Airways/Monarch and My Travel. This makes it easily available for people to fly at any
time even if the flights are over sub-subscribed: with so many flights going out each week
there is usually enough capacity.

The government provides money towards tourism though a development fund.
Toronto air port is being extend to take more flights and would benefit the tourist trade
coming across from New York with new air ports. Value for money is becoming more
important, this area is becoming ever more popular.

New York gate ways;

The main gateway for New York is JFK, this is where the main incoming traffic enters, as a
long haul - you can get charter and scheduled flights. New York is quite expensive. Many
people buy stand-by tickets. There are flights from the UK every day of the week as New
York is one of England's main business customers and has lots of companies. It takes 6
hours to get to New York. Transfer time is 30 mins depending on what airport you are
landing in and what part of New York you are staying in. The centre of New York is
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