Marks & spencers Essay

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marks & spencers

During 2003/2004 Marks & Spencers have worked to improve their performance across their
wide range of corporate social responsibility issues.


• Clothing: clothing accounts for 50.1% of the UK sales and it's their biggest
business. Provides a wide range of clothing for women, men and children. They have 11%
share of the UK marketing.

Marks & Spencers Public Relations program:

• Customer: I think we should keep a sales information, annual independent Survey
and customer consultation and a continues research program, so we can keep a good relation
with core customer to know what they are looking for.

• Employees: we should do continues surveys among our employees. We need to keep our
"Confidential help line", so we can keep improving the working environment. Also, apart
from our employee magazine, I think we should send continues information about the group,
send updating about some of the decisions making and benefits through their emails.
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