Mass Communication Propaganda and PersuasionThe Co Essay

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Mass Communication Propaganda and PersuasionThe Controlling of America

Mass Communication 1

Mass Communication, Propaganda, and Persuasion
The Controlling of America
Brian S Isaacs
Social Psychology 271

Professor Sanchez

April 24, 2000

Mass Communication 2

When we consider the advantage of technological advances that we currently have in our
society. Cell phones, computers with Internet capability, thousands of channels of
television, and other day to day used appliances to make life easier, we seem to have
forgotten that these additions to our lives have sometimes made life more complex instead
of easier. When we consider the implications of the amount of information that is being
fed to us through these devices, we often forget to consider how much that the media
controls our society. The media relies on using different factors including propaganda
and persuasion techniques to get their message across to the masses.

I believe that if we could be more aware of the different kinds of techniques that the
media employs to catch our attention. Sometimes we forget to realize that the media is
only as powerful as we let it be in our society. If we can understand the principals
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